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Bryon Sheffield
Senior Director, Contact Strategy at FICO

"Oscar knows what needs to be done to make a company thrive. He's an incredible designer and his ideas are limitless. He also has the foresight to help his clients stay current while keeping in mind their long-term goals. His passion is contagious and his level of creativity is off the charts. 
If you are lucky enough to work with Oscar, you can bet he will come up visual solutions to any design challenge while inspiring everyone around him. 
To describe him in adjectives: Extremely visually gifted. Pragmatic. Current. Inclusive. Full-throttle. Solid as a rock. Flexible to new ideas. Innovative. A go-getter. Fun to work with. 
I'd recommend him any day of the week for high-level, quality design work/positions".

Erin Donahue 
Creative/Art Director | Brand Manager | Marketing Director in the San Francisco Bay Area
"Oscar was fantastic. He would churn out creative content, offer insightful opinions and always have a smile ready to make team members feel comfortable. 
He was accepting of criticism and adept at applying it, even if it meant going back to the drawing board and starting from scratch. That never put a dent in his attitude nor his resolve to produce superior work. And he did. Frequently. 
Oscar is an asset. More importantly, he's a genuinely good dude. If you have a chance to work with him, do it".
Justin Chuan
Lead Visual Designer at Sharethrough
Oscar is a very personable, motivated worker. When he was an intern at Bleu, the studio brightened up a bit with his infectious personality. His desire to learn more kept us all motivated. His professionalism and "can-do " attitude are both valuable qualities as well. Needless to say, he'd be a great addition to any workforce.
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